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Dr. Anim-Prempeh appointed President of CIFIAG

Dr. Daniel Amateye Anim-Prempeh, Director of Research and Economic Analysis at the Business and Financial Times (B&FT) has been appointed as President of the Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts Ghana (CIFIAG).

Dr. Anim-Prempeh is a business strategist, development economist, organizational transformation strategist and a financial and investment analyst.

He has a deep understanding of credit and financial management as well as internal control mechanisms due to his experience in the financial and banking sector.

He served as the Vice President of the Council of the Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts Ghana, as well as the Director of Economic Affairs, Center for Greater Impact Africa.

Prior to joining the Business and Financial Times, he was the lead consultant at Nene Banks Management Consult, where he provided business advisory services to expatriates from the Republic of Turkey. He has also provided consultancy services to the Turkish Embassy, Peru and Mexico Embassy respectively.

Dr. Anim-Prempeh, who holds LLB, PGDE, MA, Med and MPHIL is also a part-time lecturer at Accra Business School.

He is a member of the Institute of Financial Consultants, USA, a member of Chartered Association of Business Administration Canada, and a member of Chartered Management Consultants Canada.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Anim-Prempeh said under his leadership, he will see to it that programs are designed to benefit both the micro and macro businesses, and government agencies.

He added that the institute will also arrange relevant training programs such as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminaries and workshops regularly to develop members to face the challenges in the economy.

“As an institute, we will be very vocal and engage stakeholders professionally to provide sound analysis towards growing the economy. We will analyse the data that businesses will find difficult to understand and appreciate. We will take up that challenge and break the data and explain it in a manner that will help the business community. We also intend supporting the private sector in terms of advisory and investment services and also in financial engineering services.

We are in a global village and there’s the need to engage other important and similar institutions both locally and across the continent of Africa to share knowledge. And as President who has just taken over, we will continue to engage critical stakeholders and officials that matter in policy formation and implementation,” he said.

He added that his outfit will be keen on pushing policies that will help the economy and benefit citizens. It will also provide an alternative and credible policy direction to government and contribute to the transformation of the economy.

“We will also help the private sector understand the investment climate, to understand where and how economies are moving post COVID-19 to be able to align policies that will help them grow their businesses.

Unemployment is one of the issues facing the country and there’s the need for analysts like us to look at a holistic approach to help reduce the numbers,” he said.



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