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Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts, Ghana (CIFIAG) is positioned as a veritable Organization and Strategic Change Agent. A Chartered body for all professionals in Investment Banking, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Insurance, Stock brokering, Financial management ,Business management etc.

The institute is mandated by incorporation as catalyst in Financial/ Investment sector, dully recognized in accordance with the provision of the Professional Bodies registration Decree,1973.The Institute educate, promote and teach the Art & science of Finance/ Investment, serves as Consultant, Adviser, Analyzing Financial and Investment situations and given expert advice where/when necessary.

Members are processed through high impact,strategic,technical and developmental platform to ensure rich content,total branding,experience , knowledge and relevance globally.

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Our mission is to S-T-O-C-K (Strive Technically and Operationally to Contribute to Knowledge and Society.)


Our vision is B-O-N-D (Becoming an Organ of National Development)

To provide an umbrella, voice ,an entity known as Chartered body, aimed at bringing together all Investment and Financial experts, Economists, Actuarial Scientists, Statisticians, security operators, Insurance brokers, stock dealers, Accountants and those who have demystified themselves in professional practice, building capacities and enhancing with latest information relevant to the practice.

To develop the Professional and Technical expertise in the Economic, Financial and Investment sector of Ghana Economy, through dedication to true professionalism, humanitarian efforts, educational advancement, corporation and understanding.

To provide good governance, welfare and direction for all its members on the principles of equity, fairness and due process and for the purpose of enhancing the overall development of the institute.

To develop a formidable Institution; as catalyst and change agent in Financial and Investment analysis relevant globally.

The Institute: Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts- Ghana, is a pan African strategic body positioned as a strategic Change Agent and veritable organisation in Financial and Investment Analysis, to determine standards, controls, regulate financial and investment profession in all aspects and ramifications. The institute has in its fold  of experts; Investment bankers, Actuarial scientists, statisticians, fund managers, insurance brokers, accountants, treasury managers, Economists, risk managers, investment advisers and financial analysts.

Legality: The institute is dully incorporated in Ghana with needful legal backing as a Professional body, aim at bringing together all Investment and Financial experts, Economists, Actuarial Scientists, Statisticians, Insurance brokers, Accountants, Treasury Managers, Risk Managers and those who have distinguished themselves in the practice of Financial and Investment analysis together, building capacities and enhancing with latest information relevant to the practice.


Instilling and maintaining professionalism in financial and investment analyses and practices in private practice, industry, commerce and the public sector

Setting rules and regulations to be known as ‘Financial Investment Guidelines and Derivatives’, in order to guide the conduct and practices of its members

Providing a forum for ensuring best practices among financial and investment Analysts and financial managers in all sectors of the national economy

Harmonizing and unifying the disparity in practices among stakeholders within the industrial, commercial, private and public establishments throughout the federation

Occasionally developing standards applicable in finance and investment sector of the economy in line with local and international practices

Conducting periodic professional examinations for financial and investment analysts with a view to upholding the standards of the profession

Serving as advisors to investors and potential investors on issues relating to finance and investments; and

Partnering and affiliating with organizations and other entities in upholding the above-stated functions

Operational Functions in bullet format:

  • Certification(Direct Conversion & Examinations)
  • Educational/Professional Trainings
  • Platform for possible employment
  • Industrial linkage services
  • Strategic Research/Data hub
  • Referrals/Recommendation
  • Consultancy
  • Networking

Financial and Investment Analysis Profession:

The survival of every nation’s economy depends on the qualitative policies on finance and sound projected decision on investment, Analyst profession is the bedrock, it is pivotal to national economic development. The practice of this noble profession is a panacea to national, regional and global economic problems.

The Profession is an emerging area and critical to national economic development, it is distinct from Accounting, Economics, Stock dealers, brokers or Security managers etc, the scope of analysts profession is not limited to a sector but to oversee the evolving economy,ensuring stability,prosperity and transformation.

Financial and Investment Analysts conduct technical and critical analysis on company balance sheets, analyse economic indices, analyse policies, financial information, income statements, evaluate market trends, determine market values, run spreadsheets, handle trades, generate newsletters, research, make investment proposals based on their researches and write reports.

It requires an outstanding technical knowledge to evaluate critical investment trends, financial factors, investment issues, appraise, research and critic environmental issues before taken decision.

These are core areas of financial and investment profession which other profession are at disadvantage in handling i.e Auditors and Accountants having checked books of accounts, in the end often make referrals to their clients to further consult Financial/investment Analysts for proper interpretations of financial /investment ratios.

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