These are code of professional ethics approved by the Institute’s Governing Council, binding on all Members who have applied to join the Institute.  Member  undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute.


Members shall not use their authorities/advantage of office for personal gain and shall uphold, ensure posterity of the profession of Financial and Investment by:

  • Being thoroughly transparent, reject any business practice, which might be reasonable, deemed improper, fraudulent and corrupt in practices.
  • Ensure optimization of resources for which they are responsible to provide the maximum benefits of their employing organization.
  • Maintain at all time integrity, in all their business/transactions within and outside their employing organization or business.
  • Promote the Institute and display Professional competency among those for whom they are responsible.
  • Ensure compliance with the letter and the Spirit of the law of the country in which they practice:
  • Guidance on professional practice as may be issued by the Institute from time to time
  • Contractual obligations

Guide to above details

  • Accuracy of information: Information made available to members in the course of duty should be true and fair as such must not be misleading.
  • Confidential information: Information made available to members in the course of duty must be respected, not used for personal advantage/gain and be treated with all confidentiality.
  • Gift: Any form of gift other than items of very small intrinsic value such as diaries or calendars should not be accepted where by it shall be deemed to have been used to influence a decision.
  • Interest:  Any interest which might be deemed by others as impartial in the course of carrying out duty must be declared by members
  • Advisory:  Any advisory counsel given by member(s) of the Institute must be professional, sound and of utmost good faith.

The constitution of the Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts mandate the disciplinary committee to investigate, consider and determine cases of members reported to have breached the code of conduct, where any gross misconduct has been established against member(s), such members may be depending on the situation and gravity of the offence, admonished reprimanded, suspended or delisted from the Institutes’ register.

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