In todays’ contemporary business world, networking, interdependency, interactions and strategic information sharing are vital to business survival.

Opportunity is created for all strata of businesses i.e small, medium enterprises and large companies to meet and share through participation and membership of this forum.

Membership is opened to interested persons, enterprises, firms, corporate bodies /companies and corporations to become corporate members of this forum:-

Objectives are:

  1. Promote Made-in-Ghana products
  2. Encourage interdependence and development.
  3. Trade Information and interaction among participants via strategic seminars etc
  4. Direct attention to the role of private sector in the Ghanaian economy; and
  5. Bring about business connectivity and networking
  6. Showcase latest products and services via trade fair, direct introduction and promotion
  7. Promote trade and investment culture
  8. Indepth knowledge on Service delivery and value system
  9. Promote revitalization and diversification of the Ghanaian economy
  10. Promote Ghana’s non-oil exports
  11. Promote accelerated development of commerce and industry
  12. Promote agriculture and agro-based industry
  13. Spotlight the evolution of Ghana’s agricultural trade with the outside world
  14. Indicate prospects for foreign and local private investments in strategic areas
  15. Discovery of latest approaches and universal best practices

Membership Benefits


  1. Business referrals, recommendation and introduction: introduction letters are issued to members or other representatives traveling abroad or within the country on business concern.
  2. Access to soft loan for business development from syndicate lenders
  3. Unique platform for strategic business information that can lead to growth and development of members business within the region, the country and internationally.
  4. Value building, business mentoring and interaction among members.
  5. Advisory services on matters relating to the business and industry directly or indirectly at very minimal cost (if any).
  6. Numerous directories, trade journals and periodicals from virtually every country in the world are available to members who may have access to such publications at the forum’s Secretariat.
  7.  Access to organised national and international trade mission, exhibitions and seminars
  8. Advocacy Services and Promotion of members products and activities covering a wide variety of business interest which are of special or general value to members.
  9. Members receive free of charge the forum‘s business Bulletins.
  10. Consultation with government and taking enquiries onbehalf of members’ business interest.
  11. Consultancy services and business registration for smaller enterprises.
  12. Business Promotion and advertisement.

Forum Activities Includes:Some of the current programmes of the Investment Forum are as follows:

  • Consultancy services and business registration for smaller enterprises.
  • Organisation of Trade Fairs, Seminars, Trade Missions, Business Cocktails, Publication of Newsletters, operation of website, monitoring of various standards of best practices amongst our members etc.
  • Holding of quarterly business luncheons, dinner or breakfast meetings for its members for the purpose of networking and enlightenment on current business issues.
  • Publishing of a quarterly newsletter for circulation to members and the general public on latest activities at the forum and contemporary businesses.
  • Organizing trade missions to overseas countries for members to network with foreign businesses and thus evolve partnerships and business relationships.
  • Receiving trade missions from foreign countries and providing a platform for foreign business interests to meet with business organizations in Ghana.
  • Bringing to the notice of the government the problems and needs of the business community.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, conferences and training sessions for the business community on issues and topics that will promote business growth and development.
  • Acting as a reference data bank for external business interests seeking for the patronage, partnerships and business contacts with businesses.
  • Maintain a website for the forum to contain a detailed directory of member companies.
  • Circulating to members via e-mail and post various correspondents on business opportunities and information received by the forum that may be of interest to members.

Further BENEFITS of Members

  • Attract new customers
  • Build national brand awareness
  • Have direct contact with respective target markets
  • Showcase your latest products and services
  • Launch new products/ranges and/or services
  • Deepen relationships with existing customers
  • Explore trade opportunities
  • Find new agents / new channels
  • Develop import/export markets
  • Interact & network with industry peers
  • Forge alliances and strategic partnerships.

Membership Category/ Prices:

Category Application One off Membership Subscription
Business Unit 50.00 500.00 100.00
Enterprises 100.00 1000.00 200.00
Companies 200.00 1500.00 300.00
Corporations 300.00 2000.00 500.00
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