Becoming an Associate Member:

  • Download form or visit our nearest office for registration.
  • Attach copies all credentials claimed
  • Attach copy of payment of application fee Ghc60.00 (payable into Ecobank 0010094437790801)
  • Send form by mail, post or Submit to the secretariat for evaluation
  • Exemption granted at Council’s discretion
  • Proof of payment of all required fees
  • Preparation for examinations as applicable in each level
  • Preparation for Mandatory Membership Training
  • Preparation for Mandatory Induction Program
  • Attendance of Continuous Training

Required Fee (Associate)                                      (Ghc)


Application form 60
Evaluation/processing 40
Membership registration/Training 500
Examination  (Per stage) 300
Induction 300
Annual 80
Lapel/I.D Card 70
Total 1,350

(Please note: All monies be paid directly into Ecobank 0010094437790801)

Becoming a Full Member/ Upgrade:

Associate Member who seek to become a Full member shall obtain upgrade form , attach his or her associate certificate,proof of attendance of mandatory training/continuous professional development certificates, other certification, proof of purchase of form and thereafter secure the approval of the council before paying the prescribed fee for full member.(Please note: No direct admission into Full member level)

Prescribe Fees/Procedure:                      ¢


Application form 50
Membership registration/Training 600
Examination  (Per stage) 100
 Induction fee 300
Annual fee 150
Total 1,200

(Please note: All monies be paid directly into Ecobank 0010094437790801)

Member: means a Professional member of the Institute who undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute and has registered in any of the classes of membership. A person shall be entitled to be registered as a member of the Institute if he has satisfied the Council that he is:-

(1) Holding a qualification approved for membership of the Institute and has the prescribed post qualification experience;

(2) By law entitled to practice for all purposes as a financial and investment analysts in the country in which the qualification was granted.

(3) Holds at least one of the qualifications prescribed for the purpose of registration on the register and has complied with the other requirements/certificates prescribed/approved by the Council. i.e HND, Bsc or its professional equivalents, PGD, MBA, Msc, MPHIL,PHD etc

(4) An applicant for registration shall in addition to evidence of qualifications satisfy the Council that –

(a) he is of good character;

(b) he has attained the specified age for registration into the class of membership he is applying for; and

(c) he has not been convicted by a court or tribunal in Ghana or elsewhere for an offence involving fraud or dishonesty.

(5) The Council may, at its discretion, provisionally accept a qualification produced in respect of an application for registration or direct that the application be renewed within such a period as may be specified.

Exemptions Policy:

Exemptions are granted to holders of relevant certifications or its equivalents who can demonstrate or prove sufficient coverage of institute’s syllabus during their previous learning.(As approved by the Council)


These are categories of Membership approved by Council:

  • Fellow Financial and Investment Analyst (F.cfia) (Associate & Senior)
  • Member Financial and Investment Analyst (M.cfia)
  • Associate Financial and Investment Analyst (A.cfia)
  • Affiliate Members (AF,cfia)
  • Honorary Fellow -Df,cfia(hc)
  • Corporate Members –CM,cfia

POLICY ON USAGE OF DESIGNATION: Members must ensure at all times appropriate use of the designatory letters depending on  grade of membership .i.e  AF.cfia for Affiliate Member, A.cfia for Associate, M.cfia for Full Member and F.cfia for Fellow.

Practicing license: Any member of the Institute who is desirous of having a practicing license and signifies such interest shall be given a five-year renewable license to practice as a Financial and Investment Analysts in Ghana. Provided such applicant meet all requirements prescribed by the Council.

DISCIPLINARY/INVESTIGATING PANEL: There shall be constituted by the Council a body to be known as Investigating Panel which shall be charged with the responsibility of

(a) Conducting preliminary investigations into any case where it is alleged that a member of the Institute has violated the provisions of the Institute’s Code of Conduct

(b) Deciding whether the case should be referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal or not; and

( c) Making its recommendations to the Council.

Practitioners Core Areas and Responsibilities:

Practitioners shall be empowered to offer “expert” advice to both private sector investors or government and parliament(s)

Practitioners shall be empowered to offer solutions/ intervention on macro-economic issues

Practitioners are processed to reflect sound judgement on financial/investment ratio through the examination of company’s balance sheets and income statements prepared by accountants, give wake up signal where necessary.

Practitioners will evaluate market trends, determine market value and make financial and investments proposals so as to guide against over bloated performance indices aimed at misdirecting investing public and subsequent loss of money. The unwholesome practices where companies stocks are oversubscribed due to unproven and makeshift balance sheets will be uncovered.

Analyst’s responsibilities involve analyzing, interpreting and reporting financial statement of public and private companies.

Financial and investment analysts plays vital role in the interpretation of financial ratios, investment indices, viability of the quantitative estimates of right of issue of share capital by public limited liability companies.

Rights of the members shall be:

  • The use of the designatory letters depending on your grade of Membership AF.cfia for Affiliate Member, A.cfia for Associate, M.cfia for Full Member and F.cfia for Fellow.
  • Right of conferment with Membership status, Certificate of Membership and be issued Practicing license to set up professional practice provided you meet up with the requirements.
  • Right to freely receive the Institute’s  journal and other publications which are of interest to you (if published), and any other information or to participate in Institute’s  activities as it may warrant.
  • Right to vote and be voted for during elections.
  • Right to use Institute’s library
  • Any other rights and benefits accruable and be determined fit by the Council.

Members Obligations:

  • To uphold at all times integrity of the Institute’s mandates, visions and objectives
  • To be a worthy Ambassador wherever and whenever.
  • To pay up all dues payable to the Institute without delay.
  • To update their knowledge and skills through attendance of Institute’s seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • To act in conformity to guidelines issued by the Institute for the benefits of Members.
  • To avoid defamatory statements or attitudes inimical to progress of the Institute.
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